Meet: The Dude.

It occurs to me that this blog is very *ahem* me-focused. And while I realize that is sort of the whole point of a blog, I can't have an accurate picture of this time in my life without talking more about my husband (and partner in crime), hereafter known as The Didgeridude, or The Dude for short. I've spent so much time focusing on what I don't have in my life that I am making a concerted effort to acknowledge all that I do have. And one thing I do have is the love of a thoughtful, hilarious, dedicated, and supportive husband. A few random things I particularly love about my husband as a means of introduction:
  1. He is a self-taught player of the didgeridoo (hence the name). He made himself a didgeridoo one day from supplies found at work. A friend of his who passed away some years back played the didgeridoo. To mark the 10 year anniversary of his friend's passing, The Dude decided to learn how to play as a tribute.
  2. He loves rollercoasters as much as I do. We have already taken two trips to Cedar Point as a way to have fun and alleviate stress during this four-year stretch of trying to start a family. Millennium Force is our favorite ever. It rocks.
  3. He loves animals. Not limited to just cats and dogs, he has a particular affinity for birds, reptiles and insects, too. Our household consists of two dogs, two cats, a beta fish, a crested gecko, and a corn snake. Since we’ve been married, we have maintained a season pass to our local zoo (although - isn’t our house zoo enough?) and biopark, and he has been known to venture off on his own during his lunch hour to take a look at the lions and rhinos.
  4. He has amazing insight and a knack for making me laugh. When processing through our recent failed match, I asked him (rhetorically, for the millionth time) why us? He immediately and succinctly responded, "Because we have an affinity for the ridiculous."
  5. He is incredibly handy. I am constantly redesigning rooms in our house, and he is the brawny muscle that makes my ideas a reality. According to him, “You’re the ideas, I’m the execution.”
  6. He balances me in every way. When the emotion of a situation threatens to carry me away, his calm, pragmatic presence helps to center me. And when he is hurting, my concern snaps me out of my woe-is-me wallowing.
It hasn't always been moonbeams and rainbows. This process has tested our relationship. Never in my wildest imagination did I think he and I would have to grieve for the biological children we aren’t able to have, or take a hard look at our relationship and realize that if it remains just the two of us forever – we would be okay. Through it all, we have never lost sight of the love and respect we have for each other. And each new test forges a stronger bond. I am immensely grateful for his presence in my life.


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